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Welcome to Little Creek American PONY!

One of America’s oldest PONY baseball leagues, LCA was created in 1953 as a family oriented league for military and civilian families. Following the PONY motto, Protect Our Nations Youth, it is a safe, family-friendly environment for children to grow and develop a love of baseball and softball.

A common question we hear is "Do you have to be military to play at LCA?" The answer is no! We are a boundary based PONY league open to all. We are one of the most unique leagues in the area. Who else can play ball while a helicopter flies overhead? It certainly never gets old. 
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Why P.O.N.Y.?_
PONY is an acronym, which stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth. PONY Baseball and Softball is dedicated to creating a safety first/ fundamentally sound and challenging game for children of all ages. With field sizes and dimensions best suited to appropriate age play and rules designed to allow each charter their own ability to create the best style of baseball and softball tailored to your own community's needs. PONY also takes it a step further requiring children to participate in divisions with kids of the same age. For example, 9 year olds won't have to fear playing against 12 year olds. Nine year olds only face players ages 10 and under in the Mustang Division. Players age 11-12 play in the Bronco Division and player 13-14 in the Pony Division. PONY Baseball and Softball also offers a (And Under) program to accommodate those players who wish to play up a level.

The building blocks. With so many options and choices for Baseball and Softball programs, PONY understands now more than ever that in order for your organization to be successful, you will need the tools, experience, and know-how to build your charter and/or establish your league. Whether you have been a PONY League for 10 years or more or are just starting out, our Directors are here to pass their knowledge onto you. From working with local agencies to utilize fields to raising funds and starting up a nonprofit in your community, we want to listen, help, and give the advice you need to get the kids on the field and fans in the stands.

Nurturing our youth. PONY recognizes the importance of developing our kids at an early level. PONY provides the structure for a fun and rewarding experience while youngsters enjoy team play for the first time as they discover the value of respect for themselves and others. Whether it’s the Shetland Division for children ages 3-6 or Pinto ages 7-8, both offer several options for your league to decide which baseball or softball format works best in your community. From optional pitching machines, live kid pitchers with catchers in masks and gear, coach pitch, to the basic tee ball style of play, you can focus on what works best for your kids while still playing an exciting brand of baseball.

Developing the game. Baseball and softball have been around for over one hundred years and it continues to be one of America's favorite past times, but did you know, the baseball and softball game we play and teach (today) is very different than the game we taught just ten years ago. From variances in fielding technique to a whole new approach on batting, the evolution of baseball and softball is one we need to study, understand, and help better train our coaches to teach. PONY Baseball and Softball would like to help your coaches stay ahead of the curve utilizing our online coaching education program on our website. This ASEP class is dedicated to teaching your coaches the latest in baseball and softball fundamentals. The National High School Federation recognizes the ASEP program for its non-teaching coaches at the high school level. Not sure how to get your batters to cut down on strike outs, want to know the best ways to get the umpires to call strikes for your pitchers, or maybe you want to know why your pitcher is missing up or down... not to worry, it will all be covered in the online class.

A great season of play. While PONY Baseball and Softball and our officials might be best known for representing our organization during Tournament and All Star play, we would not be here after more than 60 years if the regular seasons were not fun, fulfilling, and rewarding to every child, volunteer, fan, coach, or board member. While some charters may opt to put an emphasis on the All Stars, PONY Baseball and Softball never wants to forget about all the wonderful kids who shine as stars during the regular season. All too often parents, coaches, and sometimes even the children lose perspective on how lucky we are just to come together and play such a great game. Our PONY officials would like to work with your board members and volunteers to assist your league in creating rules and the proper dynamics so that every child who plays and every parent who invests in your league can feel as though they were rewarded for their time and their effort.

Helping your community. PONY is not just interested in serving the best ball players in town and only recognizing the kid who hit the most home runs... we want to reach out to every kid, especially to those with special needs. This year, we are working harder than ever to bring a Tournament of Champions to every region. We want to work with your charter to help raise money and awareness for kids in need. In most cases, all we need is a baseball venue, a handful of willing volunteers, children in need and a cause! Sponsors and donors typically rally to support and give more when they are assisting a child with special needs and PONY Baseball and Softball is proud to be there as well.

Credit where it’s due. This season, PONY Baseball and Softball would also like to work with your league’s executive committee board members to recognize the volunteer(s) of the year within your league. PONY Baseball and Softball would not be where we are today if not for the thousands of volunteers who step up each and every year to give their time for our children. It is important to us to take notice of these wonderful people who all too often want little more than to better their own neighborhoods and helping to give kids better options with what to do with their free time. Whether it’s a plaque, a medal, or just a Thank You letter we care about those who are helping us spread our message and we want them to know we appreciate them.

Participation with pride. While there will always be things that PONY cannot control like; the strength of your board members or the willingness of your community to support your league, PONY Baseball and Softball can and always will be an organization strong in principal and resolute in upholding integrity within the game of baseball. When you sign up with PONY Baseball and Softball, you are committed to following in the footsteps of people who have cared enough to give back their time and effort because they believe our children are the most important investment in our lives. As one of America’s proudest non-profit organizations for over 60 years, PONY Baseball and Softball is looking towards a bright future because we have never forgotten where we started, what we joined together to build, and who we look forward to serving… our Children! With smart investing like that, we know our neighborhoods will forever be stronger and our friendships better because we choose to work together, on the baseball field and in the community.

We are proud also to be able to place emphasis on our youth by providing educational scholarships to those interested in pursuing a college degree. Each Zone is allotted one scholarship annually for a deserving softball or baseball participant. You may find out how to apply on our main page of the PONY website.

All Stars and beyond. Finally, PONY Baseball and Softball is always happy to give back by providing some of the best post-season tournaments and fundraisers around. With the International pool of play growing every year, PONY Baseball has become a worldwide symbol for great youth baseball. Our directors are constantly looking for beautiful venues and the wonderful volunteers who want to host excellent young baseball players, their coaches, parents, friends, and fans. Let us work with you to help build your program, provide you with the tools and assets necessary to host your own events. Give us a chance and we will assist you in finding volunteers and providing them with a structure to make everyone feel great about the job they are doing and how rewarding giving back can be. Becoming part of the Pony Family. We welcome the opportunity to working with you to make your program one of the best in the area. For questions or requesting any additional information, please visit our website at or contact your local PONY field director. Thank you in advance for considering PONY Baseball and Softball.

Little Creek American Baseball & Softball

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